Palin, Biden Make Me Chuckle

I watched the first 30 minutes or so of last night’s VP debate in St. Louis. For the most part it was all laughable and I have a feeling we will see a cheesy version on Saturday night on NBC’s SNL.

When the two candidates came out on the stage and you hear Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin say to Joe Biden “can I call you Joe?” you knew it was going to be an interesting debate.

Both danced around issues, and in the end I would say Biden probably came out on top looking like a better candidate for VP. Palin kept saying she wanted to “talk to the American people” but I felt she danced around more than Biden. Its pretty funny when the moderator said after the second question of the night that neither answered the question that was asked to them.

You can tell that all the GOP wanted Palin to do was back John McCain and tell his stuff. Biden spent most of the night attacking McCain.

But yeah, my vote went to Biden last night. The man is going to be money on stupid quotes though. Not George Bush money on stupid quotes but enough that will make you laugh and hate the guy at the same time.

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