Turkey Day has come and passed and so has another milestone: the 5 year anniversary of epp6.com!

Crazy to think that I have owned this domain (website) for 5 years now. I have moved it around from time to time when service providers get lame or crappy but it has stuck through and lasted longer than I had really thought when I first bought it.

Five years ago on a Thanksgiving night I was bored and wanting something fun to do, so I did what I had always wanted to do and that was buy a website to call my own. Not have some site at the end of a long chain at geocities (remember the geocities.com/something/whatever/yournamehere pages?)…I also didn’t want a website full of pop-up ads and random junk that those providers put on their pages (ever noticed the lack of ads here?).

As time passed some things on this site have gone too. My updating and rambling had been hit or miss but this website has toughed through it. I still hope that it continues to do so through the next 5 years.

Thank you to those who read this and check up on it. Its another home for me to go to (so to speak) when I am bored. Again, thank you.

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