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Short (ish) Week Ahead

Hard to believe the holidays are already here. Its all good though, means lots of good things. I have already started my annual holiday movie watching. I went out and bought a few holiday classics and even got to go see Fred Claus today (very good I think for a holiday flick).

Turkey day is this week, which also means some shorten weeks for some. Not really for me, the nature of my job and of my field really in journalism means I don’t get holidays off all the time. I do get Thanksgiving off but unlike most people I don’t get the day after off or really even the day before. Its all good though since we shouldn’t be busy at all right now at work. An auto show just ended so we might even be slow until next year (weird to say that already) when the Detroit show hits.

Another cool thing about this week is this website. I won’t be unrolling any new design or anything special but this site will be celebrating its 5th birthday on Thanksgiving. Yup, just five short years ago I decided to open this site on a Thanksgiving night, things were a lot different back then but not a whole lot has really changed over the years.

That’s a bit of what is going on in my neck of the woods this week. Hopefully I will be able to look back at the last few years of this website this week too. Kinda weird to think that I have owned this site for that long already. Not a bad investment I will say. Something I definitely plan on keeping open for years to come if I can help it.

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