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I know, I know. Its been since May that I last wrote something on this wonderful site of mine. I am sorry for the long delay, I am currently in Dallas looking for a real-world job. Yeah. Its been a tough thing but I feel that I am close to landing something full time here real soon. I have had a couple interviews over the past couple weeks. Some went alright and others I wish I hadn’t taken the time to go to. I still have another interview tomorrow with KRLD here in Dallas. Hopefully this is the last interview I go on in a while and get a job. That would be lovely. So keep me in your prayers as I go out in the real world and try to live life.


PS. Once I do have a job I will let ya know. Plus I will try to take some time in the near future and actually post some graduation and other photos from this summer like my brother’s wedding and things like that.

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