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Packing and More Packing

Yeah, less than a week away from moving here. I will have the new address posted soon once I remember to actually write it down for a change. I have spent a good majority of this day packing up my junk. I have cleared out my DVD shelf, my night stand shelf that had a lot of books and CDs, and I am almost done with my desk and another shelf.

I have made some progress which is encouraging to me right now. Not to mention the “to-do” list that I have right now I have knocked out a few items on it today which is always nice to do.

Still a long way to go, I felt like taking a break and talking about it on here. I am due a break here today I think. Between laundry, packing, looking for jobs, more packing, more laundry, getting a haircut, more packing, more job hunting and did I mention packing? Yeah. Tomorrow will be a continuation of this as well. Though I will be doing more school work. I have a test to study for an a theater scene to memorize.

Thankfully my break is less than a week away so all is looking well.

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