New Look…for now

Well, you know I couldn’t keep the same look on here for more than a couple weeks.

Anyways, not a lot to update really right as of now. No games coming up for the next week and a half either. The system to listen to the games has improved. I believe a lot of people had been complaining to who ever runs it and it is now working better. Lets all hope that it continues to do so.

I still plan on getting some football game photos up on here soon. I need a USB cord for my camera to do so right now. I will post a couple of me on the sidelines…I found them on a friend’s website…thank you much for that.

I do have some of my broadcast news class. Some are from anchor tryouts and some are from nights that we all go out together. So here we go…

These are from the Maryland game…and yes I do get to be on the sideline as much as I please during a game! I love it!

My class during achor tryouts a couple weeks back.

Myself, and other people from my BN class…its Jill, then Sarah, and Matt

A good majority of my BN class in there. We typically try to go and hang out once a week now…which really adds to the class since it is really hard!

Okay, that is enough for now, again I hope to get more photos on here shortly.

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