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Yeah, I am honestly tired here. I haven’t put up anything on here in a while…the sports blog is updated a little more I will admit that. But, really other than the normal crap with school, there isn’t a whole lot going on.

Mainly right now I am squaring away a lot of stuff for this summer at this point. Financial aid, loans, what nots…that sort of thing really. Its a little stressful but at the same time it is exciting because I know what I will possibly be doing this summer down in Texas.

But in the mean time I have a lot of work to do. Two broadcasting projects, one manual to write for sport psych, a couple quizzes, and one econ test. Thankfully I only have that econ test on finals week and then I will be done. I will honestly be happy to get it all finished and get on to summer here. The time frame for everything is a little tight but it will make for an interesting time really.

I am also now the assissant sports director at U-92 now. I guess that is some news to pass along to everyone. So now I actually get paid to work there…which will come in handy down the road. Also, in the fall I will be one of the football producers, meaning I will sit in the press box for each home game and maybe a road game if possible. Do interviews, go to practices and press conferences…the whole nine yards. It should be a good team to cover this year, seeing how some are picking them to be in the top five or even top three to begin the year. Should be exciting. I know I am jazzed up for it this fall with Marshall coming into town. As much as I hate the fact that we play them I cannot wait for it.

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