ESPN Radio??

Well, yesterday I am sitting bored at work and I decide to go internship browsing since I hadn’t heard anything back from FC Dallas. I found that ESPN Radio in Dallas is one of the big ESPN radio affilates around the country. So I decide to venture in and see if they have internships there. Their web site was all little weird to figure out, they had job listings but no set things for internships. Just a sentence that read something like "there are internships avalible for college students who will need to receive credit"…or something around that.

No real contact person for that either so I just email the first email address that I find that is related to the job postings. I say that I am interested in an internship there for this summer and low and behold they emailed me back within a hour. What a shock there…and it doesn’t stop there. The lady on the email goes on to talk about the internships that they have there and gave me her number to call for more information and that she looked forward to hearing from me.

Sounds good right?

I called today to basically see what all I needed to send her, as far as resume and cover letters. She goes on to talk more about the program and what will be done and expected. She said that I could work just about any hours that I wanted too as long as I met some minimums for the summer (which can be reached anytime really…those are details that aren’t huge). After that she asked when I would be coming to Dallas and where I was staying…that sort of thing. I said I would probably come around the week of the 15th in May, because that is what I’ve put on about every application that I have filled out so far for the summer. It gives me a week and a half or so to go home to Beckley and then leave for where ever.

So, she asked if I would like to meet and I said sure and now I have an interview at which I will need to bring the papers that she will be emailing me soon and I may have an internship for the summer. I must say I never expected to set up an interview for an internship at this point here. I figured it would be a lot like last spring when May strolled around and I had no clue about what I was doing until I was there doing it. Sometimes it happens like that and I guess other times it doesn’t.

Its just nice to know that I can, maybe have something this summer!

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