New Verve CD

I haven’t talked about music in a while but today I downloaded the new Verve CD called Forth. All I can say is man I am glad these guys are back together. They’ve broken up more times than I can remember but their latest work may be some of their best. From their lead track Love is Noise to Judas and Noise Epic.

Check it out, buy it, illegally download, whatever. Its good.

Currently on the ol’ iPod

A new installment of what is playing on my iPod. Only a couple new things that I just have to mention. Hot off the download really and in perfect time for my Dallas trip tomorrow. So here's to it…

DreamsEvermore – highly addictive album. Mainly the hit song "It's Too Late" will make you want to listen to it over and over again. It may not be for everone but I love just about every song that I have played so far! 

The Devil And God Are Raging Inside MeBrand New – yes that is the name of the band…and oddly enough this is their brand new cd. Cheesey but whatever…this new cd is must like some of their older stuff but an update really. I like most of the songs on this album but I will almost bet that this cd you either love it or hate it. Then again with Brand New, you either love them or hate them I think. Still its a good cd and I enjoy it!

CarnavasSilversun Pickup – Alright, I mainly put this band on here because of one song that I enjoy a lot…"Lazy Eye" …if you are like me and enjoy just random music and nothing special about it then this is a good song for you. What is funny you think its a girl singing until some random yelling that lets you in on the lead singer being a dude. Caught me off guard but I still enjoyed the song nonetheless. Its also very Secret Machine-ish which as you all may know, I enjoy. Solid pickup if you can. 

Things currently rolling on my iPod

I haven’t done this in a while and really I haven’t gotten new music in a while until yesterday. So here it goes…

ThreesSparta – I heard this band on XM (like I do with most artists) and really got into some of their music. I really don’t know what sort of label to put on it but just the fact that I really like them.

The Crane WifeThe Decemberists – another XM band for me, copied the CD from my radio station and have enjoyed it all

MutemathMute Math – I have listened to this band for a year or two now. First heard their EP a while back but they recently released a full album back, earlier this fall. Its got some old goodies and some new ones. Very good music.

How It Feels to Be Something OnSunny Day Real Estate – an old band that I have been into for a little while…got some good things here and there…

Oh NoOk Go – Yeah, its an older CD really but I recently got back into listening to them. Not to mention their hit song “Here it goes again” is way too catchy to stay out of my head…

Alrighty, five new/old bands for you all to look up and all here. Hope you all enjoy if you give them a try.

Currently rolling on my iPod

Just a couple new things playing on my iPod these days. Thanks to two of my friends from class I have two new bands to share.

Revelations Audioslave: They have been around for a while but their new CD is awesome!

Music in Mouth Bell x1: Never had heard of this group before but my friend gave me a CD with pretty much all of their stuff…they mainly have released a bunch of EPs. Check them out if you can…they have some good things!

Currently Rolling on my iPod

A slight update on what’s playing on my iPod.

VillainsThe Verve – Lucky Man

Toby Rand – Throw it Away (from Rockstar Supernova)

Ryan Star – Back of your Car (from Rockstar Supernova)

Descended Like VulturesRogue Wave – Eyes

There is just a couple things playing…all singles as you can see. But none the less, check it out, you may enjoy.

Currently on my iPod

OKay this is something I have been meaning to do here on my site. Perfect time to start right? I will do my best to keep up with this as I can.

So I feel 10 songs/bands or so is good enough to let you know what music I am listening to these days. It changes from day to day really.

  1. A.F.I. – their new CD is awesome I think…totally addicted to it right now
  2. Muse – always been a Muse fan, they are so different that its fun to listen to I think
  3. Thom Yorke – lead singer for Radiohead doing his own thing, pretty much sounds like a Radiohead album
  4. Angels and Airwaves – I was a little nervous with this CD since its post-Blink 182 here, but its totally better than anything Blink ever did
  5. Gnarls Barkley – so I heard "Crazy" way back in the spring before it got big, now some of their stuff is growing on me
  6. Sonic Youth – nice ol’ band here, "Incinerate" is a great song too
  7. Secret Machines – sometimes this band is tough to put down for me…I don’t even know why
  8. The Frey – got a live album of theirs and totally love it, really wish they had came here for Fall Fest like I had heard
  9. The Racontuers – dude from the White Stripes is at it again, good stuff
  10. The Exit – some people probably don’t know about this band but they are solid to listen to, different but real good I believe

Okay, so my list may not be that long next time around but it could be close. Hopefully I can keep with this here.