I’m Drew Epperley. For some reason you’ve stumbled onto my little part of the Internet world called epp6.com. For those that don’t know what “epp6” means it’s basically part of my last name (“epp”) and my favorite number (“6”).

Now this little section is supposed to be about me. Who am I? Well in a nutshell I’m a pretty simple guy. I love my wife Becca, my dog Rigby, my family and Jesus. I’m crazy about soccer, alternative rock, Pei Wei, Chick Fil A, and the Wii. I probably watch way too many TV shows from things like The Office, 30 Rock, Community, Parks and Recreation to How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and Entourage.

Throw in a few reality shows like The Amazing Race and Biggest Loser and I probably spend too much time in front of the TV. It’s okay I still get out and have a life! I enjoy running, swimming and yoga as well to keep myself active. Also, owning a dog that likes to walk a ton helps out as well on the “being active” front.

I’m a part-time writer with a crazy soccer blog called WVHooligan.com (check it out, its updated far more often than this place). I also am the Managing Editor over at BigDSoccer.com, a Dallas-based soccer blog that covers mostly FC Dallas.

I currently work at Highland Park United Methodist Church as the Digital Content Manager. I previously worked for a Dallas-based media agency called Wieck Media as a Project Manager and Content Manager.

I’m a big sports guy. I did sports radio in college at WWVU FM in Morgantown, WV while attending West Virginia University. While at WVU I got my degree in Journalism with concentration in Broadcast News. I also minored in Sports Psychology. I still follow everything WVU that I possibly can. They always say “once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer” and that rings true with me.

I’ve been around the internet for far too long here and have seen it grow beyond anything I could have dreamed. Same goes with this little site, which I’ve had now for about a decade.

– Drew