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We did some new things…

So I’m back to posting a little slower than I really wanted to. The last two months of this pandemic has seen some new normals pop up that have kept my brain-space from getting to writing on this site as much as I would like. I really did think I would get this built into a more routine thing.

But last weekend saw some big changes for Becca and I. First being a new car for her as we traded in her old Camry for a new Subaru Outback. I have to say, we’re both pleased with this purchase, even if we’re not really driving a ton at the moment. I kind of think it is a good thing that the first few months of owning it will see limited amounts of driving on it.

Some parts of summer could change that though as we’re trying to figure out how to replace our planned tripped to Hawaii in late July. None us of feel super comfortable flying right now, so being able to drive somewhere for a few days seems more appropriate.

The other changes are coming on the home front, with a new patio set that we put together on Sunday afternoon.

It is a small start for what will hopefully be more projects this summer at home. We have a window company coming by next week to potentially get those replaced. After that, we’re hoping to finally re-do our master bedroom the way we’ve always wanted it.

Small steps here. But good ones.

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