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That weird COVID-19 life

Okay, so where do I begin in this weird-assed time that we’re living in?

So today is April 8, we’ve been in quarantine for nearly a month now. We began this back on March 16 but really it was the Friday before, March 13. So yeah, nearly a full month of being at home nearly 24 hours a day. 

I’ve been meaning to write down my thoughts for the past couple of weeks each morning but work has been so time-consuming that I just get sucked into that world before I really do anything. Oddly enough this is the first week during this time that I feel like I truly have the mental space to really do what I am doing right now, writing. 

The first week of this experience wasn’t bad though, Becca and I got used to our at home set up. She stayed mostly in either our bedroom on calls or in the dining room where I set up a mini-desk for her with a spare screen. That week I mostly stayed on the couch. 

Things changed drastically in the second week as a Shelter-in-Place order was placed on Dallas County. I made sure to get a few things from my office to help me have a desk in our back room where Rigby’s stuff in. That has helped me out a bunch in these last couple of weeks, to have a space I can take meetings and get work done thanks to a second screen. 

The work side of things has been a bit crazy. Before this, I was actively looking for a new job and was excited that the new MLS season had just begun. My energy level was racing between the job hunt and the new season. Now it is primarily on the job I do have with HPUMC and staying sane around the house with Becca and Rigby. The ladder of which I think I’m doing fairly well at. 

Work has been super busy for me for a change. My normal busy really doesn’t hold a candle to what I am experiencing right now. Since everything is digital with no way for people to come together in person, a spotlight is basically shown on everything I do or touch. In some cases it is has been good, as I’ve been able to open up my creativity a bit more in this time. But on the bad side of things I’ve seen so much nit-pickiness from almost everyone that it is wearing me out. 

Right now I still have a big website relaunch project in the works, along with a reading plan for the next four weeks to build out in both web and out app. Some of that extra work is my own doing but I think it is for the best. 

As for Becca and Rigby, things are going as well as they could with them right now. I’m thankful that I’m getting this extra time with the both of them. Becca and I have been cooking and baking more together, which is always a joy. This time has really forced us back into some habits that we know we need to find a way to keep down the road when things go back to whatever normal is. We’re also finding good ways to stay sane by walking a whole lot more around our neighborhood, sometimes with Rigby but a lot of times without him. We’ve built three Lego architecture sets so far, with a fourth one on the way through Amazon. 

Another good thing is how we’re slowly cleaning up and cleaning out our house. Its like little by little we’re able to do more around here. Hopefully when this is all said and done we can truly get to work on these house projects that we’ve been talking about for what now, three years? Yeah, something like that. 

Lastly, since everything has gone digital these days, we’re doing a lot of Zoom, Google and FaceTime calls. Which has helped a bunch since we can’t be in the same room as anyone else right now. It has also gotten me thinking, why weren’t we doing this more often with some folks?

Okay this has been super helpful for now. Hopefully, this can be more of a habit for me each day as we go through this time. 

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