Catching up and then some

Boy it has been a while since I last had an update on this space. What can I say, these things tend to happen when you’re busy, holidays hit and new jobs come up.

Yep, that’s right, I’ve recently (and finally) taken a new job. I am now the Interactive Content Manager at Highland Park United Methodist Church. The position sort of fell into my lap late last year before Christmas and then came to fruition right after the new year. In a small way it was a birthday gift too as I began my first day just a couple days after my 29th birthday in February.

So far I love it. I’ve been super pleased to work with passionate people who are devoted to what they do. Plus, finally working on things I’ve been wanting to do like manage web content for a company, have a creative voice in how to market and manage content is also a big plus. I have to say I finally feel that I am coming more into my own professionally.

It was bitter sweet to leave Wieck Media after six and a half years of working there but it was the right time for a move. Most that know me know that I had been looking for a new job for the better part of a couple years really. It wasn’t anything personal to the folks at Wieck but more of a thing that I needed to do. I felt like my job at Wieck wasn’t going anywhere and in a small way that Wieck as a company wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is no knock on the people there – they were always fantastic people to work with – it was something I noticed after six and a half years of being there.

Anyways, aside from the new job the soccer season is back up and in full gear. That has taken a lot of my time over the last two months already. I’ve been managing Big D Soccer for almost a year now as well but I think that site is finally taking off the way I want it too as well. We’re inching closer and closer to 100k page views every month, a lofty goal I set out to reach last summer. The last three months have been around 70-85k page views. So we’re so close to getting there. The World Cup this summer should certainly help that out.

Family life is as busy as ever too. Becca and I are nearly getting ready for some more house work to be done likely with painting our living room. We did our dining room last fall and it turned out great. I’m sure we’ll never truly be done though in that department of fixing up our house.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things I’ve failed to cover in this first post since last fall but this is a good enough start.

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