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Yep. I’m back at it with some more new Fall TV. I’ve slowly gone through my DVR from last week to watch the new fall shows that I recorded.

Agents of SHIELD

Probably my favorite one of the bunch. The TV show based off the Marvel’s Avengers movies. None of the main characters from that movie are in the show except for Clark Gregg’s character, who is the lead in this series. Early on this show had a ton of promise and apparently the ratings were strong with it too.

Michael J Fox Show

I had high hopes for this one. I really did. But the pilot was over did it on the Parkinson’s jokes with Fox that it kind of was annoying. I haven’t got to watch the second episode yet but hopefully that one is better and less reliant on the lame jokes that the pilot had. I did like personal phone camera that they used in the pilot with the young daughter’s character. I hope they continue to use those angles in the series as I think that will add a more personal element to the show.

The Crazy Ones

Robin Williams returns to network television and it was good. The pilot was funny and had enough in it that will keep me coming back for more.


The CBS drama based around a FBI agent who kidnaps a family so the mother of the family (who is also a doctor) can kill the US president. Wild concept. Lots of balls in the air in the pilot. But once the story played out I had two feelings. One, it was pretty good. The other, how on earth will they make this a series that lasts a few years? The latter of the two continues to baffle me as it just doesn’t add up for me. So, I’ll give this one another shot but it likely won’t last for me.

The Blacklist

James Spader’s new drama on NBC where he is a bad guy that tries to do good. Or something like that. I enjoyed the pilot for the most part, it definitely felt like it had the potential factor in it to last longer than six episodes.

We Are Men

A good cast in this one but the pilot was a little light on comedy for me. I think it has a shot at lasting a full season at best right now but we’ll see.

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