Spring TV Finales

I am a TV junky – just have been for the longest time. It is May so that means May sweeps which ultimately means season and sometimes series finales. I felt like going through some of my favorite shows finales here in this post, a little TV reviewing if you will.

How I Met Your Mother – Holy smokes, it was Robin all along. The wedding two years – yes two years in the making. We knew about this wedding from back in the beginning of season six. The writers of this show gave us little glimpses of it here and there since then like showing that it was Barney’s wedding at the end of last season. Now we find out it is Barney and Robin’s wedding. Holy smokes. Also, Ted drove off with Victoria? No way that turns out good but kudos for the writers and creators for bringing her back in, that story never seemed finished.

Big Bang Theory – Howard goes to space and the group comes together. It was clever, cute and funny but not overly great. This show is heading into their sixth season and at some point you do wonder where it really is going. It still is funnier than most shows out there and will probably last another three years if the cast is up for it but where is this group going now? Are Penny and Leonard going to tie the knot? Is Sheldon finally going to come around to a physical relationship with Amy? All fun questions really.

The Office – I’ve said all season that this show has gotten better. Without Steve Carrell as Michael Scott the show was missing something but between the early success with The Garden Party episode and the few episodes with half of the cast in Florida, this series came back around. Now David Wallace is returning to take over the paper company and Ed Helms’ Andy is back in charge. I love it. I have a feeling season 9 won’t be the last either, at least for most of the cast. I do think writing off Jim and Pam will happen and it is only fitting that they do so too – it is just time for it.

Bones – Another thriller to end the season. Bones runs away as she faces a murder that she didn’t commit. The gang fights hard to figure out how to save her. Man it was intense.

Castle – Yay, Castle and Beckett finally have the talk and things go from here. About freakin’ time those two come together.

New Girl – this first season of this show was hilarious from start to finish. The season finale was alright though, nothing over the top or amazing but good enough. Nick nearly leaves the apartment but in the end he returns. He and Jess will eventually end up together, it is only natural.

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