Facebook Study

For some reason – one that I cannot come up with a reason for – I have decided to do a little study on Facebook. I’ve set out to do a week-long (maybe longer than that) study of checking in every where I go on Facebook. Now, I’m not going to clog up everyone’s news feed with check-ins, I’m setting them all up as private.

Just a weird, random thing I felt like doing. I wanted to see exactly where I go and how often I go there. I’m leaving out check-ins at work, home and friends houses. No need to do any of those. Some check-ins will be public, just for reasons that I don’t care to try to explain because I don’t even know them. Ha!

We’ll see how long I can keep this up. Maybe eventually – a few months down the road even – I’ll open all the checkins up to my friends list so more people can see them (if they want to obviously).

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