More of the same

Yeah I’ve been busy, real busy. Lately its been a real mess all across the board. So let’s run down some things shall we?

– My job: Don’t worry I didn’t lose it or anything but I did gain a big tim project that takes me out of my normal 1pm-9pm schedule and puts me in a downtown office from 9am-5pm each day. I’ll be working with one of our clients (Baylor Health Care System) on building their online newsroom. Its a huge task but one I’m pretty pumped about. Hopefully I’ll have more thoughts and comments on it later.

– Web stuff: Yeah this has grown more for me because I’m doing my own deal (WVHooligan), my church’s site ( and my father-in-law band’s site ( right now. My main focus of course is my soccer blog which continues to grow more than I ever dreamed. But with increased exposure comes more issues with possible hackers and down right mean folks. Its been “hacked” twice lately because WordPress has some vulnerabilities. Thankfully I know how to deal with that now but it’s very frustrating.

– June: This is a big month. The World Cup. Becca and I go to New York for a few days. My family is coming down here for a week. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chick Fil A. Yes its all a big deal. I feel like I am missing something there too.

– TV: I’m a TV junkie right now. So many good shows and only so little time to watch them.

– Music: Same as TV. I’ve caught on to a lot of good new bands lately that I hope to share here.

There are some other things but I’ll get into them down the road.

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