Soccer Recap

Well, incase you all didn’t notice WVU did win their first game of the season tonight against Fairvfield. I know some people had trouble with the audio loading (including myself afterwards). That was totally a CSTV problem so I honestly don’t know what to say about that. Hopefully it will be working for the Sunday game.

Speaking of which, the next game is Sunday at 330 pm. If all goes to plan we will get on air about 315. Tonight we got on a little bit later than we thought but still had a decent amount of pregame.

Again, hopefully this will work this Sunday and improve upon from tonight. Like I said it was a total CSTV problem and not any of you guys out there. First games of the season typically work out like that with these sorts of things for some reason I guess. If anyone did get to listen, I would still like to know what you thought and how everything sounded.

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