A month down…

So I have been in Dallas for a little over a month now and I must say I still am enjoying it as much as the day I got here. It doesn’t hurt that the weather here makes you have a better mood even though it is really hot out. I like it here and I cannot believe how fast the time is getting away from me here already.

I figured I would jot down a few of the things that I probably haven’t mentioned on here that I have been up to since the last post on here which was even too long ago that I cannot recall. Anyways, even though I intern at ABC radio four days a week and I am usually pretty wiped out during the week, I still manage to get to do somethings on the weekends and even during the weekend on Wednesdays (my off day) or in the evenings during the week.

Since I got here I have been to two FC Dallas soccer games (the won one and lost one in those two games), one Texas Ranger’s game against Oakland (which the Rangers won 4-3), one rodeo…which I must say was pretty cool, and a few movies.

Of course all month long I have been glued as much as I can to the TV for the FIFA World Cup. I have to have my soccer when it is on!

Hard to believe I am pretty much half way through my summer already down here! That is the only thing about summer that I have never enjoyed or understood, how fast it always goes!

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