Random Thoughs

I’ve noticed some things since I have been down here in Texas. In a way these things are probably a little racial or wrong in some ways but its what I have seen.

For one, the further south from WV you go the less of an opinion people have of West Virginians. Not so out here in Texas. It seems like WV didn’t piss off any Texans, so they hardly seem to care that the state is full of hicks or anything like that. I would say that most Texans would get along great with most West Virginians.

Secondly, I’ve noticed in Mexicans or Latinos, that they and their kids are always wanting to run from things or run away to something else. Its weird but in line at 6 Flags today I noticed these little Mexican kids. They kept running away from one another and their parents seemed to just cheer them on and tell them that they were free from one another or something weird like that. Funny, yet really true that they do like to run away to other things.

Lastly, and this isn’t something I have noticed its just what is going on in my internship. This week I will start working with a morning on-air guy. He seems cool and could be the right person to get to work with anyways. Better than re-learning my ABC’s for other people in the sales offices. Yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of filing for people so far! Not bad, but it can get old and it will get old before August I am sure. At least I will have some fun things like the early mornings coming up to break them apart.

Oh, and the World Cup starts at the end of this week! I am pumped! 64 games! Yes!

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