I don’t usually talk too much about my music likes or dislikes. Most of you that read this know what I listen to and all but from time to time you come across something you really enjoy that you believe everyone should take a gander and try it out for themselves. I kinda came across something like that in the past few months or so.

I’ve been listening to a songwriter named Mat Kearney for a little while here. I came across him through my XM radio on the Torch, the Christian Rock Station. I know some of you are thinking, great another christian rock band with all the praise and worship stuff in it. You say that isn’t for you and that is fine, but this guy is nothing like that. He is a Christian so that is all good and well but his songs are great. Try him out…seriously you may enjoy him. I can’t say I can match him with anyone else out there but maybe you all will be able to.

He just came out with a new cd today. I got a copy of it and I haven’t put it down yet.

Click here for Mat Kearney’s website.

Again, I don’t usually do this since some of you practically hate what I listen to but give this guy a try…an honest try. You may enjoy him like I do.

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