Spring is sprung-ing

I don’t even know if that title makes sense…it just fit when it popped into my head with the way the weather is around here. Its 70 one day and then that night it may snow and its 30. Absolutly weird if you ask me.

I finally made it to a move last weekend for the first time in months. I was trying to figure out when the last one was that I saw and I couldn’t, because it had been that long. I don’t remember going to one for the most part of this spring semester. But anyways, I got to see "Inside Man"…it was a great heist movie. You ask any guy out there, they would love to be apart of a heist. Heist movies, if done right are always great to watch in my opinion and this one was right up there. I think some may have said it was a bit long or something like that but it was to an extent a bit long but the story was unquie enough that the time issue didn’t bother me. Clive Owen is a great actor and add Denzel Washington and you should have a solid movie. It was worth the money to see. Check it out if you get the chance to.

Its looking more and more like Dallas will be a reality for me this summer. I spoke again with ABC Radio about the interview and all and was curious if they would want me to start right away and they will. Sounds like a pretty promising deal to me. I still need to get in touch with FC Dallas and try to boil up some competition between the two if I can. I’d still love to work for FCD but at least I know I have something for the summer. Something at this time last year I couldn’t say at all. It is a nice feeling.

Still lots of school left here even though it is getting down to the wire. Hopefully I can pull out some good grades this semester. Time will tell.

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