starting to move

Well so far this weekend I have started moving to the new townhouse across town. I feel yesterday, I got quite a bit done with what I moved to the new place. Mostly my junk that will stay in the basement until I throw things out and clothes were put in the new place. I’ve already started organizing my closet in the new place since I’ve put my clothes in there. Its more space than the old closet at the place I am currently at, which is nice.

I am very happy to be moving right now, I don’t like leaving here when things on for like 30 minutes to return with all my lights off in my room from where my roommate decides to turn them off. He’s not saving any power by doing that really. Cost more to turn them on and off than to just leave them on for an extra few. Thankfully its only a few more days of junk like that. Friday is the big move day here.

Also, the brackets for NCAA tournament come out today. I will be on a selection show at U92 from 530 until 730, so give it a listen. I hosted the SportsPage on Friday night, I meant to tell more but forgot to get on here and do so. It went pretty well other than the fact that the normal music that is usually used was not where it should have been for me to use. Needless to  say I had to use really random music at the station. Other than that it was an okay show. Mikey even called in and say I was his favorite sportscaster. Thanks Mikey.

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  1. katie
    katie says:

    glad you are excited to move! hope it all goes smoothly 🙂 i will have to come visit your new place when i get home. then i can give you your souveneirs!


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