Killing time..

Now that I am figuring out my schedule for this semester I am begining to find the gaps for free time in my week. This happens to be one of them for now…though I am sure once my broadcasting class gets going it will surely change to where I don’t have free time. So I may as well enjoy it while I have it right? You betcha…

Once I would like to think Mikey for getting me hooked on 24. Seriously, its a great show to watch if you into trying to figure out what is going to happen and what not. So I do have some 24 to watch here on my downtime if I choose to do so.

Lately, I have been getting up earlier than normal and going and working out at the rec center here. I am working on my laziness I guess you could say, and I just kinda missed being in decent shape. So far its going pretty well…I am only working out for a hour or so each morning. Just some biking and some lifting. Nothing to shabby…it surely makes an interesting way to start the day. Plus the rec center isn’t nearly as busy at that time of the day as it is when I used to go at night. That was a big reason why I didn’t like going there for a while. I just couldn’t stand the crowds there, and I am sure its even worse right now at night there since everyone and their dog wants to be in shape for spring break in this town. Its kinda gay if you ask me that so many people do that, thankfully that is not my reason. I feel I wouldn’t be doing myself a favor if I was trying to do that for a week that I will just be moving.

Speaking of moving, I checked out my new townhouse with Mikey, Jennifer and her brother Andrew yesterday. Looks like a nice place…so only like 50 some days left until we move in there. Though my bed room has a door to the outside deck in it. A little differnet but I will manage it just fine I am sure.

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