Spring time…in winter

Who can not like this weather? Honestly, 62 on a day in January? I love it, there is nothing better than a mild day in winter in my books. But watch it snow this weekend now that I say that.

Yeah, I know what your thinking…where have I been the last week or so. Well, the new semester started off here, so I had to get a couple days in under my belt to see how things would go. So far I like my classes…well okay three out of four isn’t bad. My ECON class is very boring though. The others seem good though, or at least they seem like they will be very interesting and worth going to.

And I am starting to work out again here, I have actually been getting myself up in the mornings before class and going and working out at the rec center here. Crazy, I know, but its worth it in the long run I know that.

So, a four day weekend ahead sounds great. No classes Monday is very nice.

Lots of birthdays this month in the family…dad’s was yesterday. Again, Happy Birthday to him…and Mikey’s is tomorrow. He’s getting old at 24 tomorrow. Mom is later this month too and if ol’ Chuck was alive he would be really old…for a dog.

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