I like green

Yeah, a little change in the looks. I thought since the holidays were pretty much over I would change the look here before I forget.

Anyways, just another boring day in Beckley. As much as I like not doing anything, I find it better to do nothing in Morgantown than here in Beckley. I’m not knocking Beckley but some reason it just feels nicer to do nothing in Morgantown rather than here.

So here are a few thoughts that I’ve had circling through my head today:

  •     The smurf turf at Boise State is ugly on TV. Espcially when its Boise and Boston College playing each other.
  •     I don’t understand the names of most of these bowl games anymore…MPC Computers Bowl….just wrong…it should still be the Humanitarian Bowl
  •     The latest White Stripes CD is very catchy…thanks to my iTunes gift cards that I got for Christmas I have been able to download a few CDs.
  •     I hate having a cold…I woke up yesterday with a sore throat…thankfully that’s kinda gone away but the sniffles and runny nose is still in tack.

Well, tomorrow I return to Morgantown…that is if the weather is nice to me and doesn’t dump any large amounts of snow here. That will give me a couple days to get things together before I head to Atlanta for the Sugar Bowl.

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  1. Rollins
    Rollins says:

    Seriously man, I love going home to see my family, but I absolutely hate going to Beckley now.

    The past two times I’ve been home, I haven’t even left Crab Orchard.


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