Things that change

I have only been home and I have already noticed a few changes in town. I knew about most of them so its not a huge deal, but with my great memory I forgot about them as I drove through town on my way in today. For one, who changes a Dunkin Donuts to a Donut Connection? Who does that really?

I completely forgot about the KFC in my front yard (okay down the road really) was changing into some KFC..mix bag with Taco Bell or something like that…good money that it will be a KFC/Pizza Hut…and they will close the one down the road to put it in there…but I’d rather see it be a KFC/A&W mix. But that’s just me, I don’t know about anyone else here. Yeah, I forgot all about KFC being torn down right now…it was all a huge dirt pile…totally didn’t see that coming today.

Other changes, like Kohls…again something I knew about…but at least its looking good there in the ol’ Cranberry Creek Shopping Complex (or Center…I’m working on that creative stuff here I think)…plus the other goodies that are going there in front of the ol’ Wally-World. Movie theaters, Chick-fil-a (something that will make loads of cash in this town) and some other junk that I totally forgot about going there. I used to know back in the summer when I worked at WVNS, and that was only because I was lucky enough to talk to people about it.

Well…my grades are in and I will probably not mention them all that much in detail. 3 C’s and one A. Two of the C’s were close I knew but hey, I am cool with that…the other is stupid and not really just but whatever…it is what it is…I tried arguing my grade but the professor was a spacy kind of guy that was a poor teacher. I will leave it at that really…enough excuses really.

Last nights game went very well I thought too…those who listened…I thank you lots for being that bored to want to listen to me call a women’s basketball game. I know…I know…but really thank you it really means a lot. But yeah, the ladies won the game easily 100-60. Yeah triple digits in a womens game…something I  didn’t expect to see in my first game.

Christmas Party tonight…I wonder what the under/over is on the grand ol’ questions like "do you have a girlfriend these days?" or "when is your brother getting married?"…or "where is your brother?" and the classic "hows school been going for you?"…you know I wonder which will get asked the most. Probably the school one followed by something about my career as a broadcaster so far…soccer is big with those folks that will be there so I am sure they will be curious about me calling like 20 games this past season. Then in a distant third will be something about my dating life or my brothers where abouts.

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