Couple More Days

Well, I am only a couple more days away from returning to Beckley for the first time since well like Labor Day or so. I never made it home once during the semester due to soccer and other things going on. I’d like to go sooner but there is still stuff to be done up here like plan for the Sugar Bowl and all. Not to mention one more women’s basketball game to do at the station. If you haven’t heard, I do a post game show for it and so far its getting pretty good. Last night’s was one of the best I believe.

Speaking of women’s basketball, tomorrow night I will be doing color commentary during the game. It will be my first basketball game on color. Most of you know I did color for the soccer games this past season. It shouldn’t be too hard of a transition to another quick sport like basketball for me. Its fun for the most part because you realize that you are basically just talking sports to one or two people. Yeah…

Ah, Christmas is only a few days away too, and I STILL have plenty to do as far as shopping. Kinda scary to think that really but hey it happens. That will be what I will do some of tomorrow while I am packing and doing laundry…go shopping.

Good news as well up here…I believe my brother and I have found a place for us and his girlfriend and her brother to live in next year. Okay…so we found two or three places but the one we really looked at yesterday was very nice. I am excited to move again, I just hope we can do it sooner rather than later.

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