Oh the Hump Day

Oh dead week is nothing like its advertised. Nothing dead about it except how I feel. Its only Wednesday and I am tired of this week already. haha I am looking more forward to Friday as the week goes along.

Oh well….nothing real exciting to talk about here tonight. I found a new song that I keep on repeat and love to death right now. Its called "Rock and Roll Queen" by The Subways. Its a nice little rock song…very British. And when I say that I mean veeerrrrryyyy British. haha

So they are saying we are going to get a lot of snow here this weekend or at the end of this week. Yippie. Bring it on I say, its already cold enough so let’s just add to it why don’t we.

Yeah, tonight was the last class for my broadcasting class. Thank God that class is over, sure it was very easy but the teacher made it horrible. I made sure to let her know that in my evaluations tonight. Classes like that you should be able to joke around and be able to talk to your teachers, she had no people skills and it showed. No wonder she works for NPR. I know my teacher next spring has some personality to her and will be fine to deal with for the most part.

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