Rainy Tuesday

I don’t have to say that I like rain. Most people know I am a sucker for when it rains, mostly at night too. Last night I told a friend online that I wish it would rain, needless to say I woke up to it pouring the rain. Yes, and I mean pouring. But going to class in the rain is never fun so its almost turning into a win-loss situation here this morning. Not to mention I want to go back to sleep because of the rain.

Okay, enough rain talk. I went to the grocery store yesterday, and I must say, if you have the chance of buying the fudge covered Oreos…DO IT. Regular fudge or the mint fudge. They are wonderful, I mean they almost turned into my dinner last night they were so good. haha

Well its time for class…thankfully inside and not in the rain.

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