Slowly coming along

Things here are slowly coming along. One, I am a bit lazy doing things…and I am sure you all know that by now and two, I am busy…again you all probably know that. But its all good if you ask me. I am working on getting some more features to this page and make it all jazzed up. Might do some random quotes on here from time to time. I have some books that might help me on that now. They are just really humorous books to me. Two of them are suspose to be self-help for being a "gentleman". Which is something I find totally funny here. Reading them when I came across them in some store in a mall this weekend made my holiday shopping that much better. And the other I have mentioned about why men have nipples and such.

In case you wondered, there are 6 photos left to be taken on my camera before I get the film developed. Hopefully that 6 doesn’t take too long. If not I may just go ahead and get them done to have the photos.

The semester here is winding down and I must say that is a good thing. Sure it makes me extra busy with exams and papers and such but really its all good and I am ready for this semester to finish. It is no secret that this hasn’t been the greatest semester here but I am in good spirits about things and am ready for a new semester. Hopefully the next won’t start out like this one did.

My grades could be anything at this point I feel. I know one A is for sure and that’s in my broadcasting class. Go figure right? haha But my other journalism class is crap. Total crap I tell you. I have to write a memo on what I feel my grade should be since the semester was a total mess up due to our class getting involved with this Hurricane Katrina thing. My memo will be interesting since I have gotten screwed over by a partner dropping and not knowing a damn thing about what was going on. Even if I asked the professor I got nothing. I will fight for an A here because of that. If I don’t get it, the Dean will hear from me about it.

My English class will be a tough one to guess. Right now it is somewhere between a B and a C based on how I have done. Sure I know I could have done more for it and read the material more but it really hasn’t been an interest of mine this semester. I try to get into it during class so maybe my participation points will help me at least get a B.

Then my sport psych class. This one is a tough cookie to crack really and truthfully I would settle for a C and be totally okay with it. I say that because it is a tough class and I like the teacher a lot. He is a good teacher really, because he makes it interesting even if it has been a bunch of theories about the same stuff over and over again. It isn’t easy stuff really but I have managed some decent grades in there and it could very well come down to the final in there which should be easier than the last couple tests.

Who knows, all I know is the semester is coming to a close and I am ready for next semester. I ran in to my broadcasting teacher for next semester Thursday night at the football game. She is a cool cat really, hopefully she will be good for this class. She taught my last BN class last spring so she knows me and knows I will put a good effort in this class compared to the one I am in now. On a side note too, I never realized how short of a person she was until standing on the sidelines with her. Ah well…haha

Its a little after 10 and it doesn’t even seem like that. Tomorrow is Monday but that never means much to me since I just work on Mondays. I should get paid tomorrow for this month so that will be a nice way to start the week. Yeah…

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