I love Apple…but this gave me a good laugh. Well done, thanks for sending me this Deo.

“When a monkey nibbles on a wienious, its funny in any language.” I had my doubts but this looks great. Hangover 2 here we go!

Apple and Legos. April Fools Day video, sure. But I’d buy this lego set if it were real. 

Gotta say this actually looks better than Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher’s version of this story. 

I love these two together. I’d pay good money to see a full remake as well. 

“I like this, and I like this, and I like this…”


Social Media Addiction: Are You At Risk? (via yourtango)

T-minus 1 day until @SXSW 2011. I think this is a timely PSA.