You know I am always amazed at how other people do work. One client today at work wanted to publish a 40 page “release” as one single document to their media newsroom. Yes, one whole release that was 40 some odd pages. Amazing. Not only did it look hideous it was hideous.

But the important thing is it is what they want.

I can’t complain too much about the clients I have to work with. Most have a decent head on their shoulders and only a few I really dislike working with. Okay, really, there’s only one that I don’t like to deal with yet I end up doing a lot more work for them then they actually know. I’m nice like that I suppose.

Tonight I am coming to you all from the Dallas Morning News. Yup, I’m working late…until midnight CT. Its cool though, I’m totally use to working this late and once a week isn’t too shabby either. Plus its a little extra money…for you know gas, food, life.

I wanted to check out how WordPress looked in IE too. So far, I can say I see why I hate using IE and why Firefox or Safari are far better. Half of my usual fun admin things aren’t even available. Yikes.

I also figured I would pass the time with this simple post though and it looks as though I have – because work is starting to come in since it’s a football night!

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