Today was the announcement of the much anticipated iPad tablet from Apple. Its basically a larger (10 in. screen) iPod Touch. Same OS as the Touch and nearly all the same applications as the Touch.

The price is decent but not nearly what I would want to pay for one at the moment. You can get it with 3G and without, which having to rely on AT&T for 3G kind of makes me want to take my chances of not having 3G on it.

I was pretty excited about this product but the more I dive into it the more I realize I have no need for one at the moment. Maybe if I ever want an eReader, or iReader in this case I’d easily go for this one as the new iBookstore looks pretty sweet. But that is just it, that is really my only need for one as the rest is just a larger version of the iPhone/iPod.

Maybe in a year or so I’ll get one, once the second generation of this is out. For now I just don’t need one.