One of my favorite things to do is drink a good local beer. This one right here is probably my favorite Dallas-local beer, from Pegasus City, their amber ale, the Cannoneer.

I like beer…maybe too much

Local beer during my trip to Israel in January 2020

For the last few years, drinking at a local brewery has become one of my favorite things to do. Dallas has really exploded with good local beers these last few years, which has also allowed me to develop my favorite style of beer along the way.

Typically I follow the seasonal patterns of beers. Winter beers like a bourbon barrel-based stout like the BBT from Lakewood Brewery, or a winter warmer like Rahr and Son’s Winter Warmer. Spring time hits and I begin breaking back out the amber ales, brown ales, red ales and even some IPAs. Summer brings the heat here in Dallas, which means I need something refreshing like a bock or kolosh. Fall ends up being a lot like spring and winter as I drink lighter yet darker beers.

I also try to drink local when I travel. Like on my trip to Israel earlier this year and our family trip to Nashville last summer or our anniversary trip to Austin last fall.

So back to the local beer…

Right now during this weird COVID-19 life, supporting local beer is vital. I’m trying to make sure I can get to my favorite spots as much as I can (within some reason of course both for not over doing it on the drinking end, but also for the financial end of not spending too much). So far I’ve been trying to go out every couple of weekends to either buy a couple bottles of something new, or to support some new promotion that is going on.

I hope this weekend I can make it back to one or two local breweries to give more support to them.

I love flowcharts, especially ones about beer. jacobsloan: I wholeheartedly agree with this flowcha