Yep. I’m back at it with some more new Fall TV. I’ve slowly gone through my DVR from last week to watch the new fall shows that I recorded.

Agents of SHIELD

Probably my favorite one of the bunch. The TV show based off the Marvel’s Avengers movies. None of the main characters from that movie are in the show except for Clark Gregg’s character, who is the lead in this series. Early on this show had a ton of promise and apparently the ratings were strong with it too.

Michael J Fox Show

I had high hopes for this one. I really did. But the pilot was over did it on the Parkinson’s jokes with Fox that it kind of was annoying. I haven’t got to watch the second episode yet but hopefully that one is better and less reliant on the lame jokes that the pilot had. I did like personal phone camera that they used in the pilot with the young daughter’s character. I hope they continue to use those angles in the series as I think that will add a more personal element to the show.

The Crazy Ones

Robin Williams returns to network television and it was good. The pilot was funny and had enough in it that will keep me coming back for more.


The CBS drama based around a FBI agent who kidnaps a family so the mother of the family (who is also a doctor) can kill the US president. Wild concept. Lots of balls in the air in the pilot. But once the story played out I had two feelings. One, it was pretty good. The other, how on earth will they make this a series that lasts a few years? The latter of the two continues to baffle me as it just doesn’t add up for me. So, I’ll give this one another shot but it likely won’t last for me.

The Blacklist

James Spader’s new drama on NBC where he is a bad guy that tries to do good. Or something like that. I enjoyed the pilot for the most part, it definitely felt like it had the potential factor in it to last longer than six episodes.

We Are Men

A good cast in this one but the pilot was a little light on comedy for me. I think it has a shot at lasting a full season at best right now but we’ll see.

I really want to get a group of friends together, have some drinks and have one of these epic lip sync battles. The idea just sounds so amazing, why hasn’t it been done before?

He’s a big ol’ slut. I love this video recap of eight seasons worth of who didn’t work out for Teddy Westside.

I’m a TV junkie. Always have been and likely always will be. This week started the new fall season for some networks and like most years I give a few new shows a try to see if they are worth adding into the weekly DVR schedule.

First up last night was a new Fox show called Dads staring Seth Green. Now I always tell people with any new show that I watch the pilot and at least try to give the show one or two episodes after that to convince me if it is good enough, funny enough or whatever. This show however won’t be going down that road. In fact, Becca and I couldn’t even make it through the second commercial break without stopping the recording and deleting it.

Why? It was one bad dad joke after the other. The dialog was too predictable even for a pilot and was just uncreative. I’ll be shocked to see this one last any more than a month on Fox. Here is a pretty amusing recap of it.

After that was Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

This one had some serious potential in my brain before hand since it had former SNL funny-man Andy Samberg. I figured this show would go one of two ways with the pilot, either it would be ridiculously stupid to the point where it wasn’t funny or it would be just funny enough to keep me entertained for 22 minutes. Thankfully it did the latter of the two.

I certainly recommend checking it out next Tuesday. Samberg is just funny enough to carry the show while the rest of the cast built around him is solid. I know the show runners of Parks and Recreation are doing this one, which is why I have a good feeling it will last a few years if done correctly.

I grew up with Saved by the Bell. It was arguably my favorite TV show during my youth, right up there with the likes of Full House, Home Improvement, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Family Matters.

So seeing some ‘modern’ Saved by the Bell ideas out there, I immediately perked up when I saw this video. Some lovely facts from a slightly inebriated Zack Morris. A.C. Slater was gay, Screech was a robot and Jesse was a lesbian. Okay.

The best is the reaction of Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s face on the thought of a reunion.


I love me some good TV. Who doesn’t though? HBO has some of my favorite shows with The Newsroom and VEEP, and it looks like I’ll have to add another one to the list with True Detectives coming out next year starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

So I had a little time last night – some time between work and dinner to just browse youtube. Some how I landed on some trailers for this fall for some new shows that will air on NBC. I have to say, out of the six or seven trailers I saw, about three of them look real promising with another two looking decent enough to get a full season’s run (hey, it’s NBC they gave Joey five seasons).

So Revolution is one of them. That one is above. Below are Go On with Matthew Perry, and Guys With Kids.

I am a TV junky – just have been for the longest time. It is May so that means May sweeps which ultimately means season and sometimes series finales. I felt like going through some of my favorite shows finales here in this post, a little TV reviewing if you will.

How I Met Your Mother – Holy smokes, it was Robin all along. The wedding two years – yes two years in the making. We knew about this wedding from back in the beginning of season six. The writers of this show gave us little glimpses of it here and there since then like showing that it was Barney’s wedding at the end of last season. Now we find out it is Barney and Robin’s wedding. Holy smokes. Also, Ted drove off with Victoria? No way that turns out good but kudos for the writers and creators for bringing her back in, that story never seemed finished.

Big Bang Theory – Howard goes to space and the group comes together. It was clever, cute and funny but not overly great. This show is heading into their sixth season and at some point you do wonder where it really is going. It still is funnier than most shows out there and will probably last another three years if the cast is up for it but where is this group going now? Are Penny and Leonard going to tie the knot? Is Sheldon finally going to come around to a physical relationship with Amy? All fun questions really.

The Office – I’ve said all season that this show has gotten better. Without Steve Carrell as Michael Scott the show was missing something but between the early success with The Garden Party episode and the few episodes with half of the cast in Florida, this series came back around. Now David Wallace is returning to take over the paper company and Ed Helms’ Andy is back in charge. I love it. I have a feeling season 9 won’t be the last either, at least for most of the cast. I do think writing off Jim and Pam will happen and it is only fitting that they do so too – it is just time for it.

Bones – Another thriller to end the season. Bones runs away as she faces a murder that she didn’t commit. The gang fights hard to figure out how to save her. Man it was intense.

Castle – Yay, Castle and Beckett finally have the talk and things go from here. About freakin’ time those two come together.

New Girl – this first season of this show was hilarious from start to finish. The season finale was alright though, nothing over the top or amazing but good enough. Nick nearly leaves the apartment but in the end he returns. He and Jess will eventually end up together, it is only natural.

I hate to see this come down but honestly I’m not shocked either.

“30 Rock” has reportedly been renewed for a shortened seventh season, but sadly with a bit of a catch – it will be its last, according to

Seven seasons to any TV series these days is quite a bit. I’d say that this coming year may be the year we say good-bye to this show, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and probably a couple other quality shows.