I haven’t done this in a while and really I haven’t gotten new music in a while until yesterday. So here it goes…

ThreesSparta – I heard this band on XM (like I do with most artists) and really got into some of their music. I really don’t know what sort of label to put on it but just the fact that I really like them.

The Crane WifeThe Decemberists – another XM band for me, copied the CD from my radio station and have enjoyed it all

MutemathMute Math – I have listened to this band for a year or two now. First heard their EP a while back but they recently released a full album back, earlier this fall. Its got some old goodies and some new ones. Very good music.

How It Feels to Be Something OnSunny Day Real Estate – an old band that I have been into for a little while…got some good things here and there…

Oh NoOk Go – Yeah, its an older CD really but I recently got back into listening to them. Not to mention their hit song “Here it goes again” is way too catchy to stay out of my head…

Alrighty, five new/old bands for you all to look up and all here. Hope you all enjoy if you give them a try.

Just a couple new things playing on my iPod these days. Thanks to two of my friends from class I have two new bands to share.

Revelations Audioslave: They have been around for a while but their new CD is awesome!

Music in Mouth Bell x1: Never had heard of this group before but my friend gave me a CD with pretty much all of their stuff…they mainly have released a bunch of EPs. Check them out if you can…they have some good things!

A slight update on what’s playing on my iPod.

VillainsThe Verve – Lucky Man

Toby Rand – Throw it Away (from Rockstar Supernova)

Ryan Star – Back of your Car (from Rockstar Supernova)

Descended Like VulturesRogue Wave – Eyes

There is just a couple things playing…all singles as you can see. But none the less, check it out, you may enjoy.

OKay this is something I have been meaning to do here on my site. Perfect time to start right? I will do my best to keep up with this as I can.

So I feel 10 songs/bands or so is good enough to let you know what music I am listening to these days. It changes from day to day really.

  1. A.F.I. – their new CD is awesome I think…totally addicted to it right now
  2. Muse – always been a Muse fan, they are so different that its fun to listen to I think
  3. Thom Yorke – lead singer for Radiohead doing his own thing, pretty much sounds like a Radiohead album
  4. Angels and Airwaves – I was a little nervous with this CD since its post-Blink 182 here, but its totally better than anything Blink ever did
  5. Gnarls Barkley – so I heard "Crazy" way back in the spring before it got big, now some of their stuff is growing on me
  6. Sonic Youth – nice ol’ band here, "Incinerate" is a great song too
  7. Secret Machines – sometimes this band is tough to put down for me…I don’t even know why
  8. The Frey – got a live album of theirs and totally love it, really wish they had came here for Fall Fest like I had heard
  9. The Racontuers – dude from the White Stripes is at it again, good stuff
  10. The Exit – some people probably don’t know about this band but they are solid to listen to, different but real good I believe

Okay, so my list may not be that long next time around but it could be close. Hopefully I can keep with this here.