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Time to recount our 2018-19 Europe trip

Let’s talk Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

I guess I should back things up here since I am kind of taking this Europe trip in reverse order of how we did things. This is Wales, the final stop before our departure two days later out of Dublin (more on Dublin later).

We stayed in a town called Llanfairfechan in Northern Wales. If you can’t tell by the photos above, it was breathtaking. This was a small town on the coast that had a beach and then a hike up a long hill into the main town. Becca and I loved everything about this stop and it quickly became one of our favorite places during our entire three week stay overseas.

One thing we did for the majority of this trip was use AirBnB for our lodging and our hosts in Wales did not disappoint either. The two men were a sweet couple that cooked us breakfast and really made us feel at home in their basement loft.

I personally enjoyed going to the town’s only open place while we were there, the local inn. There was a pub there that pretty much all the locals that would go there, did on that evening we were in town. They also treated us well and offered up a nice bit of hospitality during our couple of hours eating and drinking the local beer (of course I had some local ales, come on!).

Becca and I kept saying we would go back to this part of Wales in a heartbeat when given the chance. We would love to see it more in action during the summer months too. You could easily tell that it would be a pretty lively place in those warmer months of the year.

Alright, next up will be our stop in Liverpool. Hopefully I can get to that one here soon.

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