Three years gone…

So, three years. That is how long it has been since I last updated this space. And really, all I’ve done today is gone through my work and added stuff from the last three years at Highland Park UMC. A couple links, some job description and that is about it.

Basically I’m bored on a Sunday afternoon while the laundry is getting done. That and I thought it was high time I actually updated this space before I truly forgot all about it.

So what is new? Let’s see…

Becca has a new job with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Rigby is almost nine and is still crazy as ever.

All the nieces and nephews are getting older.

We went skiing last month in New Mexico.

I still love me some good beer, as seen above.

I’m still blogging at BigDSoccer, though not at WVHooligan anymore.

I’m sure there is a ton more to discuss but my brain is fried.

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