New Fall TV…so far

I’m a TV junkie. Always have been and likely always will be. This week started the new fall season for some networks and like most years I give a few new shows a try to see if they are worth adding into the weekly DVR schedule.

First up last night was a new Fox show called Dads staring Seth Green. Now I always tell people with any new show that I watch the pilot and at least try to give the show one or two episodes after that to convince me if it is good enough, funny enough or whatever. This show however won’t be going down that road. In fact, Becca and I couldn’t even make it through the second commercial break without stopping the recording and deleting it.

Why? It was one bad dad joke after the other. The dialog was too predictable even for a pilot and was just uncreative. I’ll be shocked to see this one last any more than a month on Fox. Here is a pretty amusing recap of it.

After that was Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

This one had some serious potential in my brain before hand since it had former SNL funny-man Andy Samberg. I figured this show would go one of two ways with the pilot, either it would be ridiculously stupid to the point where it wasn’t funny or it would be just funny enough to keep me entertained for 22 minutes. Thankfully it did the latter of the two.

I certainly recommend checking it out next Tuesday. Samberg is just funny enough to carry the show while the rest of the cast built around him is solid. I know the show runners of Parks and Recreation are doing this one, which is why I have a good feeling it will last a few years if done correctly.

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