Oh Apple

Seriously. Every year they do it to me. A new product that makes me want to go out and give them all my money. For the last few months I have been reading the rumors of the iPhone 5s and 5c and thought “nah, I don’t need an upgrade” but after today’s announcement I am more than torn about it. Between the better hardware inside the 5s than my current 5 and the fingerprint scanner, I feel more inclined to upgrade.

Will I actually do it later this month? Doubtful. Not because of money but just because I don’t want to wait in line, pre-order and all of that jazz. I don’t need a new phone that bad anyways.

So I’ll be left drooling over the new phone when I see friends or co-workers with it but I won’t be joining the fun until the iPhone 6 comes out next year. Or whatever name they give it.

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