Final Razr Days

It’s the final week with the Droid Razr. The thin little guy will soon be packed up and back to Verizon. One thing I’ve really been enjoying lately are the Smart Actions on the phone. You can set the phone up to do any number of things like lower the ring tone volume level at night to setting an auto-reply message for when you are busy.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed myself doing a lot of is data usage on the phone and on the Xyboard. I’m typically around wifi but I thought I would experiment for a little bit with using strictly data for a couple days on both devices (more so on the phone).

Obviously the 4G LTE on Verizon is ridiculously fast and amazing. Here in Dallas it is totally reliable and rarely misses a beat. It’s quick and the more you use it the more you want to use it. The downfall of that is you don’t realize how much you are using when you go strictly on data and stay off wifi. I noticed that because I’d use the data on one thing and it was super fast that I’d keep using it on other things like surfing the web, downloading an app or whatever. It’s almost a Catch-22.

Still the experience with the RAZR has been a good one. Once it is gone I’ll just be testing the Xyboard for Verizon. Something I can’t leave home without these days.

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