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As you know by now I’ve been asked to give reviews of some Verizon products. Recently I was shipped a Motorola Xyboard to test out. After about a hour of playing with it I realized, I like this much more than the Droid RAZR phone that I had been working with.

The RAZR is nice and all but for me the tablet is pretty sweet. The smaller screen size for a tablet is different. Instead of the typical iPad type screen size, this tablet clocks in at 8inches. To me, the small screen size isn’t a bad thing on a tablet. Why? Something about it just feels natural.

The Xyboard is a lot like the RAZR in terms of the Android OS on it. Still no Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0 but the OS seems nicer on the tablet than on the phone. The biggest drawback however are the apps for the tablet. Most of the phone apps aren’t worth getting on the tablet because they aren’t scaled to fit the tablet much like on an iPad when the apps are universal across the iOS.

I’ve found many quality apps like Twitter, Facebook, ESPN to just look off on the tablet. The experience is still decent with those apps but the look and feel of the apps on the tablet is lacking.

Another downfall if you will on the tablet is the weird corners. Instead of rounded corners like on most devices, this tablet has some weird edged corners. After holding it a while, the corners feel weird in your hands.

I’ll have more on this tablet as I get to play with it more.

As for the RAZR, it goes back to Verizon in a week or so. My usage of it hasn’t been nearly as much as before. After I tested out the call quality and the text messaging on the phone, I sort of stopped using it for what it really is, a phone. I mainly use it to play some games or watch some TV shows on the go, something the screen on the phone makes worth using for.

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