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Recent But Random Updates

The house is coming along...slowly.

Well the last few days haven’t been very entertaining around here. The weather went from decent (meaning I was back to almost wearing shorts) to cold again and now Becca is laying around not feeling well.

I think it’s mostly allergies and the cold weather getting Becca down, not to mention being around a couple sick kidos like our niece and nephew doesn’t help the situation. She’ll be back in no time though.

This week should be fun though as it is the week of my birthday (Sunday the 7th). I think however I am more focused right now on what to do for Valentines day. I’m not the best at coming up with ideas but hopefully I’ll come through! 🙂

I hope to start putting more random updates like this on here for those who do read. I’ve started working on little projects around the house like my office. We recently got a desk and bookshelf for it. Just gotta get all my random junk boxes out of the way to really get it done.

Speaking of boxes, Becca and I finally started going through some old clothes this past weekend. Hopefully over the next several weeks we can put together a few bags of old clothes to give away to Goodwill or somewhere. Once that is done we should have some open space in one of our bedrooms that we don’t use.

Okay, enough for now.

– Drew

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