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Trick O Treat

Yeah, I haven’t been able to post anything on here this week. Been fairly busy at work and with other things in life. Oddly enough today is my least favorite holiday, Halloween. And weirdly enough I am pressed up for it. Okay not dressed up in the sense that I went all out on a costume and spent way too much money like most people do for this day.

No, I am Dr. Gregory House from the hit TV drama House. Yeah, it is a very easy costume. I wear pretty much what I wear on a daily basis; jeans, button-up shirt, athletic looking shoes. I found the cane at a party store for $2 and thought it was a decent idea when Becca suggested it. Much better than buying a political mask and being Bill Clinton for a day.

Maybe if I get a photo of myself tonight I will post it later on here.

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