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And I’m Back

Okay, so I thought I would blog some from ACL and that never happened. ACL was great though, I’m exhausted but it was totally worth going. I saw more bands that I probably would never get to see in a single weekend ever again.

Bands I enjoyed:

  • Foo Fighters – best way to end a weekend…
  • NERD – Probably would never go to one of their concerts but man they were fun live
  • Gnarls Barkley – Same as NERD…plus a Radiohead cover was awesome
  • Beck – Started late and ended early kinda put a damper on his solid show
  • Band of Horses – heard from a distance before Foo Fighters, what I heard sounded good
  • MGMT – Loved it all, they really could have been on a bigger stage
  • Vampire Weekend – Nice way to start the weekend for me..
  • John Fogerty – Amazed at the amount of solid music this guy has done over the years.
  • The Black Keys – A band that’s probably going to explode before long.

Others that were alright:

  • Old 97’s: Yeah not bad.
  • Blues Travelers: Same old sound.
  • Silversun Pickups: Had high hopes but they screamed too much.
  • Flyleaf: Too much yelling but not too horrible.
  • Patty Griffin: I was actually surprised that I liked her.
  • Manu Chau: Couldn’t understand him since he was Spanish but it sounded good.

I will try to put up any photos that I got from the weekend when I can.

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