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Lucky Number Seven…

So, I totally ripped this from a year old post on Elemoose’s blog. It sounded fun, and I’m bored.

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:
1. Broadcast a World Cup Soccer game.
2. Write a book.
3. Attend every major sporting event (SuperBowl, World Series, etc.).
4. Get a radio show doing sports…maybe even soccer.
5. Get married and have a family.
6. Stay connected with friends all over.
7. Live as happy as possibly.

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Eat weird foods.
2. Manage Money.
3. Stop obsessing over sports.
4. Drive a Stick.
5. Keep up with a Fantasy Football/Baseball/Soccer teams consistently.
6. Pray Consistently.
7. Decorate a house.

Seven Things that (will) Attract Me to My Spouse/Significant Other :
1. Her green eyes.
2. The way she kisses me.
3. Her way of keeping me from being stupid (sometimes a decently controlling girlfriend/spouse can help a person like me).
4. The way she dresses in work clothes and in sweat-pants.
5. How she yells at refs and cheers for teams that she likes and that I like.
6. How she loves me.
7. Her compassion for others.

Seven Things I Say (or write!) Most Often:
1. Dude.
2. Hey man.
3. Sweet!
4. Neat-o
5. Son of a bee-sting….son of a nutcracker…son of a b
6. Riiight.

Seven Books (or series) I Love:
1. Harry Potter
2 1984
3. When The Relatives Came
4. Book of Acts
5. Book of Revelations
6. The Giver
7. When I Was Young in The Mountains

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
1. Anchorman
2. Old School
3. Lord of the Rings (all of them)
4. Harry Potter (all of them)
5. Wedding Crashers
6. Jason Bourne (all of them)
7. Ocean’s 11,12,13

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