What Can I say…

I am busy and lazy when it comes to updating this thing right now. I went home last weekend for the first time that wasn’t a holiday in probably a year. Yay for that, Beckley is still Beckley, and for some reason my spell checker on here doesn’t think Beckley is spelled correctly. Well it is wrong.

In other news, my two week spring break is rapidly approaching. And out move to a new house is even more so rapidly approaching. I think I have cleaned out two tubs and will use those for the move. Other than that I haven’t done a darn thing in getting ready to move here. As sadly enough that is coming up in a matter of two weeks or so.

Also, I finally have my soccer games on file. Yay for that. I will be hopefully putting them on here for everyone’s enjoyment (and for future bosses enjoyment to listen and say “I want to hire this kid”). I won’t put full game on here unless I feel like it. It won’t be a streaming download type of deal. More of a right-click and download onto your own computer deal. I don’t own the bandwidth for any internet streaming…or maybe I do. I will have to check into that. As far as basketball games being put on here that is another story for another day. I have them on tape, but not CD right now. Gotta work on that really.

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