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Week Ahead

It should be very, very crazy this week around here. School will be rough with my final broadcasting story being due amoung other things.

There will be two games that I may be doing for the station for basketball this week though. That sort of adds to the week really when it all boils down to it. This Thursday at 7pm there will be a home game against Houston at 7 pm (6 CT). I do not know what I will be doing for that game as of yet but I am sure it will be something. And then on Saturday, there will be another home game. I assume the game time will be noon but it hasn’t been set yet.

Just keep checking back here for more updates on the games. Hopefully I can find time to get on here and let everyone know what games or not that I will be apart of.

On a lighter note, only 29 more shopping days until Christmas! haha

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