Possible NCAA Tournament Info

Alright, I do know some things for when it comes to the NCAA soccer tournaments. Expect the men’s side to get the first round bye and play in the second round on November 15th. So next Wednesday they should play. I will let everyone know who and what time too.

As for the ladies, it could be tricky. They honestly could end up on the road now for the first round. It is possible but regardless of where they  are at they will play on Friday night and should then again play on Sunday afternoon. Where and what time will be known on Monday.

Both brackets are released on Monday afternoon.

In other broadcast related news, the basketball seasons are about to get under way as well. Depending on soccer, the first home game for the ladies team is on November 18th. They do kick off their season on the road in the coming week. I may be doing a post game show for those games. Again it all depends on how the soccer teams are doing and when they play. Hopefully each team will be home for a while and it won’t matter. But we will see tomorrow when those brackets are released.

For those that are curious, the men and women failed to win the Big East tournament. The women lost to Rutgers on Friday after leading 2-0, they ended up dropping the game 3-2. As for the men, they took St. John’s to overtime in the championship game but with 4 seconds left in the first overtime, St. John’s found the back of the net to punch their ticket to the men’s soccer dance.

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